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Randi Berez

Randi Berez
ďAs for the rodeo, a friend bought a small dude ranch in Miles City, Montana and was in the market for some cattle. I had become interested in photographing bull riders after attending a few Professional Bull Riders events. Trying to get in to photograph the PBR guys was very difficult. They are professional athletes isolated by the same machine that regulates access to celebrities. By contrast, Miles City was a slow-paced, action-packed drama. After arranging for a bogus press pass, I could go anywhere, do anything. Growing up in Los Angeles, the Bucking horse sale felt like an artifact from a period in time that will soon disappear. It was spectacular.Ē Randi Berez attended UC Berkeley and has photographed for Esquire, Fast Company, Menís Health, The New York Times Magazine, ESPN, Menís Journal, Outside, Womenís Health, Life and others. Her commercial clients include Nike, Adidas, Converse, and Samsung.


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