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Karen Bystedt

Karen Bystedt

It is rare in the history of Hollywood photography for someone to have been so fortunate in a short period of time to have captured those people who are today bigger than life on the silver screen and in television. Karen Bystedt came to Hollywood having graduated from NYU Film School. In less than five years, Bystedt had photographed everyone from Djimon Hounsou to Josh Berlin to Johnny Depp to Courteney Cox. Someone once said of Bystedt, “She possesses a quality that conjures up images of Hollywood those young stars were striving to achieve .”

In the late 80’s, I moved to Los Angeles to finalize the book where I spent most of my time actively going to premieres, screenings and social events - choosing actors who I thought would have longevity in their careers.

At the time that I photographed and interviewed the actors in this book, most of them did not know each other and had never worked together. It’s been amazingly rewarding to watch their careers grow and soar to great levels over the years.

I’ve watched in wonderment as these dedicated talents have been cast opposite each other in movies later on, and how some of them have been propelled into super stardom. A quality they all shared was a distinct vision for where they wanted their careers to go, combined with the will to do the hard work in order to get there.

I support all of you in following your dreams. Remember that determination will take you wherever you want to go. With vision and persistence you too can manifest your passion and create the life you want for yourself.



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