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Amanda Friedman

Amanda Friedman
I started this project while in college in upstate New York, but it really came to fruition when I moved to Los Angeles. Being new to California, I was overwhelmed by the congestion, traffic, noise and general madness that goes along with living in a big city. As I continued to go out and photograph, I found myself drawn to places that contradicted my daily life. At first it was nothing more than an escape for me. Through the years as I've continued to grow this project, I've come to realize it goes beyond an escape. It's not just about the city I live in, but also about this idea of loneliness that can be both tragic and inspiring. Amanda Friedman studied at Rochester Institute of Technology and has exhibited in a variety of galleries in California and the mid-West. She won three American Photography Awards as well as a first place award for photo essay from PDN/National Geographic Traveler World in Focus.


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