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"Early Leto" by Karen Bystedt

  • Limited Edition of 50

In the summer of 1993, Jared Leto was sitting at a table out side one of his favorite hangouts, kings Road Cafe. which was also one of my haunts. As I got to know him, I learned that he ate there frequently, mostly alone, he also liked to go to movies alone.

At the time, Jared was modeling, and after this photograph was taken, he soon booked "My So Called Life"  tarring Clair Danes and became a teen heartthrob, before moving on to a solid movie career, and becoming the front man for his band "30 seconds to mars."

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Price: $500.00
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  • 11" x 14" Limited Edition
  • 20" x 24" Limited Edition
  • 30" x 40" Limited Edition

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